Making Involvement Matter | How Will You Make It Count?


Megan Wilkinson,
Union Complex Operations Manager

For the month of October our blog will focus on making involvement matter. This means we want to help you see the connections between your involvement here on campus and how it can matter for your future and for the time being in your undergraduate experience. Our first blog post for October is from Megan Wilkinson, the Union Complex’s Operations Manager.

We aren’t there yet. We aren’t at the point where we are satisfied with exactly who we’ve become. Sure some of us may be content or even proud of what we do and who we are. But, we aren’t perfect.

Gamma Rho Chi Training 2006 Meg

Gamma Rho Chi Training 2006

Tri Delta 2007 Meg

Delta Delta Delta 2007

That’s the beauty of college. We’re able to take chances in an effort to test our own limitations. One of the best ways to do that is to put ourselves out there. Sometimes, it’s just joining an organization which will push us.  Sometimes, it’s running for that valued officer position. And then, sometimes, it’s just being a member that is the hardest part. The point is: if you’re just joining, just showing up, or just going through the motions, you aren’t pushing yourself. In order to make your involvement count, you’ll have to push beyond your pre-conceived limitations.

So, take it one step further. Make your involvement count so that you can leave college as an improved version of yourself. You’ll never know until you try.

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